Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Sunburns and stuff

I just thought I'd stop by and show everyone what happens when you decide to go to the beach WITHOUT some sort of sunscreen.

(there used to be a picture here)

Trust me, it was way worse yesterday, after the actual damage, than it is today, after 5670 applications of a moisturizing cream.

Speaking of sunburns, I don't understand what's with all those girls saying they don't do anything just so they don't get premature wrinkles. I mean, really? They go to the beach and barely get any sun, they don't swim just so they don't ruin their hair, they actually wear make-up to the beach ... 

Seriously, did you just see the picture I took? I'm wearing my pajamas, no make-up whatsoever, and my hair is a mess! Also, it looks like I have a massive breakout, even though my face is completely clean - just red. And do I care? Of course not!

Just because of that, I'm going to start filming beauty videos au naturel and posting them to Youtube. Hah.

OH. And why the hell did I log into Blogger and it kindly informed me that I wasn't following any blogs? I panicked! It's fixed now, though :D Geez.


P.S. I removed the picture I had of me because I don't want to be ... exposed, I guess. 


  1. Owwwww. That looks painful.

    I was at the beach years ago, and some of my friends steadfastly refused to use sunscreen, and they were in screaming agony the next day. I think that was the same year all of us neglected to put sunscreen on our feet, and had to walk around in shoes with no laces for a week.

  2. I think you need to replace the late lamented photo with a carefully drawn picture!

  3. I liked the 'carefully drawn' part, because we both know I'm just not able to draw anything carefully. Ever.

    It's a good idea, though, I'll have to do it! Maybe I'll even draw a picture of a lobster and compare them both.