Sunday, June 26, 2011

The Lens Drama

Last Thursday, I travelled to the South of my country to sunbathe and study History for three days.

Something you need to know about me is that I have very bad sight. Okay, not that bad - there are people who have it worse than me - but bad enough that I can't see anything clearly if it's far away enough. How ironic is it that I didn't take my glasses or any backup lenses when I traveled? Very.

On the second day, I once again headed to the beach. It was a very short walk away from my hotel, and the water was simply heavenly. Cold, but still warmer than the water from the beach near where I live.

Before getting out of the water and going to tan a bit more, I took another dive. When I resurfaced, I noticed I couldn't see anything from my left eye. I didn't think any of it, because my lenses sometimes decide to relocate.

YES, my eye color is the same as my hair color *gasp* Pretty.

Anyway. Turns out, it wasn't that at all. I really had lost my lens in the middle of the sea, and I had no way of tracking it down. And you know what that means, don't you? It means ... I was doomed to walk around with only one lens until mid-Saturday (meaning, the next day).

I went home a little after that, and I had to cover my left eye to be able to see anything properly and to be able to study History. However, I had to go out for dinner, which meant I couldn't simply cover my left eye with one hand in the middle of the street.

Dinner was an awkward affair, in which I sometimes covered my left eye to be able to look at my parents and talk to them properly, and the walk to the marina after that was even worse. Seriously, who climbs up about 100 steps of stairs with only one good eye? No one who is in their right mind, that is.

Finally, at 11 pm, I found an optical store open which, luckily for me, sold lenses. My problem was solved in that instant, but one lesson remained: never, EVER, dive with your eyes open if you wear lenses. NEVER.

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