Thursday, June 16, 2011

How To Have A Fantastically Awkward Conversation About Socks

So I suppose that this will be my method for procrastinating as I study for very important exams. Note that I woke up at 10 30 am today and will probably go to sleep near 3 am (as always) and, so far, I've only studied for what? 45 minutes? This study is definitely not going well.

I'm not sure what the hell I'm supposed to talk about, though. I already have a blog over at Livejournal, but it's one of those. You know, one of those blogs which are private and contain very private parts of my life (just kidding, it's not like I have a very big reason to keep it private. I just do. Also, it's very old).

Why, if I already have a blog, did I start a blog over here then? I don't know - experience, maybe? Wanting to successfully stalk Hyperbole and a Half? (YES, YES!) Maybe. But also, it's because Melody isn't even my real name, I'm not actually from the United States, and I can talk about whatever without worrying that someone who actually knows me will read it and then strike up a fantastically awkward conversation about my blog. For example:

Subject who is not me: Hey! I found your blog!

Me: Oh. Really? Ah ...

That subject again: Yeah. At first I wasn't sure, but then I read more attentively and I realized it could only be you.

Me: Oh. How ... attentive of you.

Subject: Yeah. So anyway, have you already gotten over the shock of that walk you took?

Me: Yeah, I suppose.

Subject: Awesome! And is your foot better?

Me: ... No?

Subject: Aw that sucks. Well, I'll 'see your around' then! *winks* Hey make sure to follow me back, will you?

Me: *pretends to not have listened*

Yeah. I guess that's what I want to avoid, especially because I don't like people - you know, actual people with who I hang out with in a nearly daily basis (not that you guys aren't real people, of course) - knowing everything about my life. Like the fact that my white sock ripped itself the other day when I was putting on my running sneakers and yet I didn't bother with it because I'm just slobbish like that.


Let's see if anyone bothers to read this. I bet no one will.

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  1. (Second attempt at commenting:)

    Heh. You lost that bet!