Friday, June 17, 2011

Declaring A Major 101

I read somewhere that if I wanted people to be interested in this blog, I had to pick a general theme and stick to it. My blog's name is 'Dumb People Shouldn't Have Blogs'. What the hell do I make this blog about, then?

Exams? Nah. I'm already bored enough with them as it is.

Running and dieting? That'll just depress me, so no.

My personal life? I already have a Livejournal, and either way, my personal life is just ... well, right now it's come down to only studying, so ... nope.
What, then? I can't talk about anything else. Politics? I discuss them everyday at dinner with my parents. Gardening? I haven't ever planted anything my whole life. Dogs? I'm scared of dogs (despite the fact that I own a dog. Hey, what if I posted an entry on how I became scared of dogs?) Make-up? ... Right. 

So, I've reached the decision that, for now, my blog's theme will be undecided. You know, like in college? Where you haven't declared a major yet? Right. Maybe someday I'll decide it. UNTIL THEN, I'll just identify different types of posts by labels.

The dog story will come. I promise.

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