Sunday, June 19, 2011

Why You Should Never Help A Drunk Friend

Yesterday morning I went to the doctor, only to find out I had pharyngitis. Since I was already there anyway, I made myself comfortable and asked about a much more light subject (at least on my opinion, even though everyone else disagrees with me). You see, I have a story to tell you ...

About two months ago, a few friends and I traveled to the South of Spain and stayed there for seven nights. Spain is a place very, very known for tequila so, us being there, we couldn't help but be overwhelmed by tequila, even though it is definitely not a novelty here. Let me tell you though, it tastes very differently - it's quite good in Spain, actually. Go there.

Anyway. On the third night, everyone in general had too much tequila to drink, as well as Vodka Redbull's. We went to a very popular club which was, unfortunately, open for only 3/4 nights during our stay. In this club, you could gain access to the dance floor by four different corridors, which was very overwhelming for people who were as drunk as we were.

One of my friends had a little too much to drink, though, and after a few songs, I suddenly felt him leaning over the rail of the platform we were dancing on. He was quite white, actually. I, being the generous and general-loving person I am, immediately grabbed his arm and led him towards the exit.

However, and as I said before, the ways to the exit were ... confusing. Definitely very confusing. I let him through corridors and corridors, and we were no closer to finding the exit than when we were standing on the platform dancing. Suddenly, he had enough (and he was probably close to throwing up right there, too), and he grabbed my arm and pointed towards the Emergency Exit. I shook my head, pulled him along with me, but he pulled me towards him at the same time. The result? We fell. We fell so hard, we single-handendly pushed open the Emergency Exit doors and fell down a heap of stairs along the way, always rolling.

The days following that, I couldn't sit without my butt hurting, I couldn't get up without being helped by my friends, etc. And to this day, even though the pain has become more 'wearable', I still feel the pain. Plus, my butt is still all swelled up.

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